We work to help you and your business make the connections you need to grow and strengthen your business; whether it be clients, strategic partners or community leaders, our goal is to expand your network for business!

There are a number of methods we can help you make the right connection for you and your business. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Events: by attending one of our many events we offer each month you are certain to meet an array of business owners, business professionals and community leaders that could help you grow your business or achieve the objectives you and your company have established.
  • Committees: by participating in one of the our many committees you'll have the opportunity to meet others like yourself who have expertise they want to share. We've learned from many of our current Chamber investors (members) that committees provide the opportunity to make connections with depth and form strong, lasting relationships. There is nothing like working on common goals to establish credibility and trust!
  • Programs: like our committees, our programs will offer you the opportunity to make connections with depth and cultivate relationships built upon appreciation and trust.

To learn more about these fabulous opportunities please contact Mindy McCloughan.