Aims Community College
As a community college, Aims is very active in the community, serving on many committees, partnering with the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. Aims is one of the largest and most respected colleges in Colorado. With an annual enrollment of 14,000 students and more than 2,000 course offerings, Aims is truly a comprehensive 2-year college. Above all, Aims is focused on the success of each student, with a slogan of, "if you want to succeed, we won't let you fail."

The City of Loveland
The City of Loveland and the Loveland Chamber of Commerce partner in many areas to strengthen the economic vitality and maintain the outstanding quality of life Loveland residents' value. From community-wide events, to supporting our businesses, the Chamber and the City work together.

Downtown Loveland Association
The Loveland Chamber of Commerce played an active role in the development of the Downtown Loveland Association (DLA), and remains a visible participant. In partnership with the Chamber, the DLA will continue to work toward attracting more businesses, events and visitors to downtown Loveland. The DLA mission is to promote unity, public awareness and economic vitality of downtown while cooperating with local business, residents and government agencies to support and enhance the area.

Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation
The Loveland Chamber of Commerce supports and recognizes the value of the Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation as a partner, and a regional organization attracting and promoting primary jobs. We jointly support primary job growth, business development, and assist each other in identifying opportunities to improve the economy, job market, and overall quality of life in Loveland. We share representation on each other's boards.

Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance
Good government requires staying involved and we consider it a priority and conducive for good business. We partner with The Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance consisting of a 21-member board of directors, the joint public policy advocacy effort of the Loveland, Fort Collins and Greeley Chambers of Commerce, Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation and Upstate Colorado Economic Development.

The cooperation has resulted in a more efficient and faster response to the needs of businesses in the northern front range communities. The board is autonomous and meets twice a month during the legislative session. Each year the cooperative board identifies the issues they want to focus on during the upcoming state legislative sessions. Members of the NCLA have been successful in their efforts to be heard at the state level.

Loveland Chamber of Commerce representatives who serve on this committee include Mindy McCloughan, Loveland Chamber of Commerce; Abel Chavez, Qwest; Steve Olson, B2B CFO; Carol Salter, McKee Medical Center; Bill Wangnild, Wangnild Real Estate Company, Inc.; and Mark Weaver, Open Door HR Solutions.

Thompson School District R2-J
The Chamber of Commerce and the Thompson School District work together in many ways including hosting the annual New Teacher's Breakfast, participating in the Business to Work Experience program, and assisting in other community projects, such as Help Kids Succeed School Supply Drive. In addition, a representative from the district serves as an ex officio member of the Chamber Board of Directors.

The Thompson School District serves more than 14,000 students at 18 elementary schools, five middle schools, and five high schools, with 900 plus teachers. The district is a leader in the area of modernizing curriculum, re-designing testing and aligning both with state academic standards.